Agencja Autorska Zetzet was created in 2000 by Zbigniew Zawadzki: a publisher, translator, and manager. Until recently, its main focus was on publishing activities.

The people who make up the agency have been working in the Polish book market for over 20 years. In various sets, we have contributed to books, audiobooks, magazines, quiz shows, multimedia, games, and education videos. We are experienced authors, managers, translators, publishers, editors, copyeditors, screenwriters...

We also have an in-house copyrights expert.

We are aware of a glaring gap in the market: the lack of Author-friendly agencies, who are ready to manage the writers' careers in a smart way.

We want to fill this gap by being the Authors' partner, seeking out potential publishers, negotiating the agreements, arranging meetings with the Authors, and supporting their work through the efforts of our editors and copyeditors. If necessary, we can also take care of translation, layout, print, marketing and advertising, website creation, and writing on demand.

We have an offer for the publishers, too: we can make your work easier! We can order, read, edit, copyedit, translate, and perform text layout for you. We are ready to organize reader meetings and other promotional activities for your Authors.

Our Agency is open to all sorts of books, ranging from strict scientific literature, through non-fiction, to fiction and children's books. We cooperate with international partners, providing them with legal and content-related aid.

We are at your service,

Zbigniew Zawadzki and the Team