Below are the profiles of the authors working with our Agency:

Anna Fryczkowska

A journalist, editor, screenwriter, and author. She holds two degrees: MA in Italian Studies at the University of Warsaw and screenwriting at the PWSFTviT film school in Łódź. She has worked as a dishwasher, waitress, and pizzaiolo (the Da Antonio pizzeria in Perugia), translator, assistant, and teacher.

In her work as journalist and editor, she has worked with the Superexpress daily and magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Przyjaciółka, She and Marie Claire;as a screenwriter, she co-created the Polish edition of the Sesame Street and the TV series Na Wspólnej, Sex FM, and Przystań. For the last several years she has been writing TV reviews for the Polska The Times, and attending gender studies at the University of Warsaw in her free time.

In 2007 she published her first novel, Straszne Historie o Otyłości i Pożądaniu (The Terrible Stories of Obesity and Lust), and in 2010 the Grasshopper publishing house published her second novel, Trafiona – Zatopiona (Shot and Sunk). She has just finished work on a new crime novel, entitled Kobieta Bez Twarzy (The Faceless Woman).

Manula Kalicka

A writer and journalist. She has graduated from the University of Warsaw in Polish Studies and journalism, but for a number of years dabbled in anything but these disciplines.

She has won the novel-writing competition held by the Świat Książki publishing house and the ELLE monthly. Her novel Tata, One i Ja (Dad, Them and Me), released in 2002, was a huge success. Her subsequent novels Szczęście za Progiem (Happiness at the Door) and Wirtualne Zauroczenie (Virtual Infatuation) were published by Prószyński. Both of them made the bestseller lists of and Rzeczpospolita.

She has written several large pieces for the Polityka, Wiedza i Życie, and Feniks magazines, as well as over a dozen short stories printed by the Claudia magazine. She has worked with the Alfred Hitchcock Przedstawia / Alfred Hitchcock Presents periodical, writing notes on the high society.

Her latest novel Rembrandt, Wojna i Dziewczyna z Kabaretu (Rembrandt, War, and the Cabaret Girl) was published by the Otwarte house in 2008 to very good reviews; the film rights for the novel have been purchased, and an adaptation will be in the works. Cooperating with TVN, she wrote the novels Kochaj i Tańcz (Love and Dance, publ. by WAB) and Na Rozkaz Serca (At the Heart’s Behest, Prószyński Media).

Soon, the Nowy Świat publishing house will release her collection of crime stories entitled Gdzie Jest Głowa Emily Kaye? (Where Is the Head of Emily Kaye?). She is currently working on a book about Polish painters and on the second part of Rembrandt, Wojna i Dziewczyna z Kabaretu.

Lucyna Olejniczak

A medical lab technician by trade, she was working at the Chair of Pharmacology of the Jagiellonian University. She took up writing after her return from the US, where she worked as a caretaker for the elderly; her memories from that time were put in the book Opiekunka (The Caretaker), pending publication.

Her debut novel was Wypadek Na Ulicy Starowiślnej (The Accident on Starowiślna). In 2010 she published Dagerotyp. Tajemnica Chopina (Daguerreotype. The Secret of Chopin).

Lucyna Olejniczak is the mother of the sci-fi writer Jewgienij T. Olejniczak (who is also her first editor and reviewer). She likes to travel and as made friends the world over – so there is always someone for her to visit.

Romuald Pawlak

Born and living in Sosnowiec, he made an early debut at twenty and has published eleven novels so far. While working mostly in fantasy, he has also successfully published children’s and young adults’ literature. His most popular works include the novel Inne Okręty (Different Ships), to be reprinted next year, Czarem i Smokiem (By Magic and Dragon), Miłek z Czarnego Lasu (Miłek of the Black Forest), and Czapka Holmesa (Holmes’ Cap).

The critics were quick to appreciate Romuald Pawlak’s work, as evidenced in 1990 by nominating the Wniebowstąpienie Menela (The Wino’s Ascension) short story for the Janusz A. Zajdel Award. In 2008 he received the IBBY Poland award for his children’s book Miłek z Czarnego Lasu, and in 2010 his novel Czapka Holmesa was nominated for the Polish Association of Book Publishers award. His passions are history and the extent of life around us.

Joanna Siedlecka

An essayist and successful reportage and non-fiction writer. A graduate of the Psychology and Pedagogy Faculty and the Institute of Journalism of the University of Warsaw (1972 and 1974, respectively). She made her debut in student journals in 1971, working in the offices of some of the most important periodicals of the time: the student publication itd and the Warsaw-based Kultura at the height of its history.

Following Kultura’s suspension during the martial law in Poland and her own negative verification by the security service, Joanna Siedlecka turned exclusively to essay writing. Since 2000 she has been a lecturer at the Melchior Wańkowicz Warsaw School of Journalism.

She’s the author of collections of reportages: Stypa (The Wake), Poprawiny (The After-Party), Parszywa Sytuacja (Lousy Circumstance), Jaworowe Dzieci (Sycamore Children), and biographies: Jaśnie Panicz (The Young Master, on Witold Gombrowicz), Mahatma Witkac (on Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz), Czarny Ptasior (The Black Bird, the controversial biography of Jerzy Kosiński), Wypominki (Mementos, a collection of memories on a number of late Polish writers), and its continuation, Wypominków Ciąg Dalszy (Mementos Continued), Pan od Poezji (The Poetry Man, the widely-discussed biography of Zbigniew Herbert). Her latest books are Obława. Losy Pisarzy Represjonowanych (The Hunt. The Fates of Repressed Writers, 2005) and Kryptonim ‘Liryka.’ Bezpieka Wobec Literatów (Codename: Lyric. Public Security and Writers). Every one of her books has been received with a wide range of emotions.

Anna Zgierun-Łacina

She has graduated from the Faculty of Biology and Earth Sciences of the Nicolaus Copernicus University and for a number of years worked as a geneticist and molecular biologist in Toruń, Warsaw, Zamość, and Catania. She has also ran a small publishing house specializing in linguistic literature, with particular focus on oriental studies.

Her literary recognition was brought on by the series of books Drużyna Majora Limfocyta (Major Lymphocyte’s Team). She has also written a number of drama novels. In 2008 the Replika house published Sześć Dominika (Six Dominika), and in 2010 Nasza Księgarnia published two of her works: Czynnik Miłości (The Love Factor) and Kradzione Róże (Stolen Roses).

Anna has also co-authored the entertaining Limerykowy Atlas Powiatu Przasnyskiego (The Limerick Atlas of the Przasnysz Powiat), where she showcased her passion for wordplay.