Zbigniew Zawadzki

A biochemist by trade, he has over a dozen years’ experience in academic work in the research institutes of Warsaw and Montreal. He was also active in the People’s Republic of Poland’s so-called second circulation, or samizdat publications. He has been active in the book market since 1992. For the first 10 years he worked for Polish Scientific Publishers PWN, where he was responsible for organising the new department of audio-visual publications and where he was in charge of the academic handbook department. During that time he was a co-creator and author of the Miliard w Rozumie quiz show, he oversaw the work on new Polish encyclopaedias and the first multimedia dictionaries, he published books, magazines, educational games, and videotapes. Since 2000 he has been running his own company: Agencja Autorska Zetzet, which has heretofore primarily conducted publishing operations under the trade name of Oficyna IMBIR. He also boasts considerable achievements as a translator and editor.

Manula Kalicka

A graduate of journalism and Polish Studies at the University of Warsaw. Author of six popular novels and of articles published by Polityka, Wiedza i Życie, and Feniks; she will read your novel, express her opinion, and tell you what to do to make it better. Provided, that is, that it can get better still...

Paweł Derwiński

He completed postgraduate studies at the School of Text Editing of the Institute of Polish Studies at the University of Warsaw and graduated from the Faculty of Journalism and Political Science majoring in social politics. He worked as a music reviewer and journalist, and is currently responsible for copyediting our texts.

Adam Kowalski

He was born in Podlasie, and following his graduation from Polish Studies at the University of Warsaw he worked for several years as an assistant to Andrzej Wajda. He was also a reviewer for Zespół Filmowy X and a literary critic for Nowe Książki. As part of the cult creative weekly Radar magazine, he worked to support the literary movement of young authors and poets, he initiated public presentations, meetings with the authors and critics, and workshops, and published columns promoting and valuating literature, he reviewed works sent to the magazine, and provided advice. He also hosted literary radio shows (including on Channel 3 of the Polish Radio). Later on, while working for Konfrontacje and Gazeta Szkolna, and cooperating with cultural institutions and publishing houses, he was an advisor and promoter for writers and a juror of many literary competitions. He is in charge of reviews and copyediting at our agency.